Rapid Network Assessment Service

Unique, professional network security assessment by Ridgeback for you. We will assess your network so you can experience how Ridgeback protects your enterprise from cyber threats that conventional security programs struggle to handle.

* Fee-based service, based on size and scope of the deployment.

What to expect
  • A report of all the endpoints accessing your network.
  • A report of your network’s actual structure.
  • A report of how your network actually operates.
  • A comprehensive analysis of which endpoints communicate with each other.
  • A comprehensive assessment of your network’s changing attack surface.
  • A comprehensive analysis of how endpoints are accessing the unmonitored dark space in your network.
  • Real-time monitoring of network traffic during the assessment to detect potential threats.
  • Demonstration of how Ridgeback influences intruder behavior, denies lateral movement, and extinguishes threats as they occur.
  • Examination of potential cost savings by reducing cybersecurity risks and improving overall security posture.
Key Service Features
  • Real-time Lateral Threat Protection
    Halt the lateral spread of malware and other cyber threats across your network instantly.
  • Simple Agent-less Deployment
    Ridgeback runs on Windows, Linux, or macOS, and can be deployed using a few simple commands.
  • Zero Performance Impact
    Ridgeback operates autonomously without burdening your live network.
  • Automated and Scalable
    Ridgeback adapts to your network’s growing needs without requiring manual intervention.
  • No False Positives
    Ridgeback is deterministic, operating in the dark spaces between network protocols, much as hackers do.