Ridgeback Network Defense and Firestorm Cyber Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Cybersecurity Innovation to Middle Market Businesses

(Baltimore, MD and Bogart, GA – June 12, 2023) Ridgeback Network Defense, a leading provider of cybersecurity software, and Firestorm Cyber, a market leader in managed security services for mid-sized businesses, announced today a strategic partnership to provide enhanced cybersecurity solutions to companies in a segment that is increasingly under cyber-attack.

The partnership combines Ridgeback’s innovative attack detection and threat elimination software with Firestorm’s highly reliable managed IT and security services offerings to deliver a new level of comprehensive cybersecurity, typically out-of-reach for all but the largest enterprises. This collaboration will bring together the best of both worlds – Ridgeback’s innovative approach in security with Firestorm’s leadership in a key, underserved market segment.

“Ridgeback is excited to partner with Firestorm to bring our cybersecurity solutions to their clientele,” said Scott Fogarty, CEO of Ridgeback Network Defense. “Firestorm has an extremely loyal and growing following.  Combining their expert services with our innovation enables us to deliver a comprehensive security solution that elevates protection for a market segment where sophisticated capabilities can often be too expensive and labor-intensive.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Ridgeback Network Defense to provide our customers with best-in-class cybersecurity solutions,” said Ehsan Choudhury, COO of Firestorm. “Ridgeback’s novel threat detection and elimination approach takes security to another level, and we are excited to continue our track record of delivering superior value to our loyal clients.”

The partnership will provide customers with an end-to-end cybersecurity solution that includes proactive threat discovery, automated threat elimination, as well as continuous monitoring and reporting. Customers will benefit from enhanced protection against cyber threats, greater visibility into their security posture, and improved compliance with regulatory requirements.


About Ridgeback Network Defense

Ridgeback’s patented software delivers real time visibility, and attack disruption and deterrence capabilities new to the marketplace.  Ridgeback stops lateral movement by disrupting the attacker’s network discovery, actively engages them and evicts them from the network before they can cause harm.

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About Firestorm Cyber

Firestorm Cyber offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help solve the most complex IT issues for mid-sized businesses and small enterprises. Firestorm helps its clients take control of their data, cybersecurity, gain competitive advantage, secure their systems, save with VoIP, financially guaranteed protection against ransomware, and much more.

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