Use Cases, Product Information and White Papers

Industry-Specific Collateral

Ridgeback is designed from the ground up to protect your enterprise, no matter how small or large.

Cybersecurity in Banking and Financial Services

Regulatory compliance demands comprehensive, deep visibility into system operations. Ridgeback delivers insights into vulnerabilities and productivity concerns, especially across disparate network segments when branch office locations are a part of the picture.

Managing the Private Equity Life Cycle

Now more than ever, catastrophic cyber attacks on a portfolio can eviscerate financial returns for a private equity owner. Ridgeback serves the ownership life-cycle from pre-closing due diligence through to a successful exit.

Security for Managed Services and Managed Security Services

With multi-tenancy and a deployment architecture unrivaled in its ease, Ridgeback addresses both situational awareness and security objectives across an IT services provider’s large and diversified clientele.

Cybersecurity in Public Utilities

As you have seen in the news, public utilities are not only targeted by criminals seeking ransomware, but also by foreign nations in order to disrupt the operation of our country. All public utilities are too important to NOT have Ridgeback protecting their networks.

Network Protection for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers manage OT-heavy environments.  Ridgeback acts on layer 2, folding every single networked endpoint into its security envelope, no matter what hardware, operating systems and unmanaged devices may be in the network.

Cybersecurity and Healthcare

Hospital breaches are not only the most costly in financial terms, there are patients’ lives on the line.  If you’re concerned about patient records and the security of life-saving IoT healthcare devices, Ridgeback folds every single networked endpoint into its security envelope, no matter what type.

Risk Advisors and Cyber Auditors

Because Ridgeback can be used from a single laptop taken into a client’s environment, cyber assessments with Ridgeback provide instantaneous, valuable insights not available from any other tool. Ridgeback’s unique measures of network hygiene, configuration issues and vulnerabilities are a powerful way to serve clients concerned about their exposure.