Ridgeback Network Defense

What's going on in your network?

Ridgeback is a revolutionary security product that gives you the edge over emerging threats with its unique capability to tap into the overlooked dark space in your network, providing the ultimate protection for your IT systems.

The Business Case

Flip the script. Impose your will on the adversary.

Traditional security tools watch live devices in your network, delivering alerts when analytical techniques suggest a problem. Ridgeback sees the live and dark space, turning every unused port and IP into a sensor.

Ridgeback sensors actively engage and disrupt exploitation operations after an attacker has gained an initial foothold in your network.

Ridgeback stops lateral movement like no other.

Power of The Invisible

Going beyond live space monitoring provides unprecedented network visibility into previously unseen traffic in your network.

The adversary takes advantage of errant signals as opportunities to learn the topology, enumerate assets, steal and escalate credentials and to extend their command-and-control laterally.

"Ridgeback is a force multiplier."

CISO – A large manufacturer

"This certainly is in a category of its own."

Executive – An IT Research Company

"Ridgeback is so intuitive and elegant."

CISO – A financial firm

"This takes security to another level for my clients."

CISO – A middle-market MSSP

Why Ridgeback is a unique product?


Easy to install. Simple to manage.


The only cyber deterrent: disrupt and impair the adversary at the inception of the exploit.


Exposes hostile behavior deterministically. No false positives.


The entire solution can be deployed on a single laptop.


Layer 2 addresses IT and OT networks. Endpoint OS agnostic solution.


Instant-on. No network or endpoint overhead.

Why lateral movement must be stopped

70% of exploits involve lateral movement. On average, the hackers’ dwell time is 277 days.*

The adversary uses errant signals to learn the topology, enumerate assets, steal and escalate credentials and laterally extend their command-and-control. After an attack, orchestrated through methods like spear-phishing, the hacker will quietly conduct reconnaissance to understand key network characteristics such as hostnames, operating systems and network topology. These are the prerequisites to expanding their control over your systems.

If lateral movement is not stopped, an attack such as ransomware is likely to succeed.

Offense As Defense in Cybersecurity

The attack surface becomes massive, almost all weightless sensors. Sensors expose, interdict and impair attackers.

Our patented technology protects your network and IT assets by implementing man-in-the-middle techniques as a defense.